Svelte Basic Cotton Capri Legging, Black


Basic black capri, high waist legging.  All Svelte leggings come with a built-in waist panel to keep your silhouette looking smooth and stylishly dressed all day long.  

Fabric: Body 86% cotton 14% spandex  Inner Panel 86% Polyester 14% Spandex

Fit:  see size chart 

Made in:  China

Stk #:  2349blk

More about Svelte:  

Svelte came about over a simple conversation about the female body and its ever changing needs. Founder Liliana Turecki realized that as she left her thirties behind, her body and her clothing needs changed. Clothes should be a source of confidence, not stress, they should work with your body, not against it. As an entrepreneur with two kids she is constantly on the go, and wanted clothing that was comfortable, versatile and that made her new silhouette look amazing, high quality pieces that she could dress up or down and that would be appropriate for meetings as well as school functions. While there are shapewear products designed to hide the tummy roll, they are often constricting and uncomfortable to wear, not to mention you have to wear several layers of clothing. Surely there was a way to look good without sacrificing comfort?

And so Svelte came to be. Out of desire to find clothing that respected the female body, that met it's different needs. With the help of her business partner, Liliana created a product from the inside out, taking in account her needs and those of thousands of others like her to create a line for real women.We experimented with fabrics and fit until we found the perfect blend that offered comfort and style while producing a smooth silhouette. This exclusive fabric insure Svelte shapewear leggings are of high quality, lasting forever and feeling amazing. This 4-way stretch fabric offers a delightfully soft, comfortable and non-restricting way to shape your silhouette, developed to be as strong as our customers. Each piece feels and looks incredible, they are the result of fabric, fit and style working together in harmony. Try a pair on and you’ll see and feel the difference!

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